Tuesday, February 19, 2013

when you are penniless and jobless

Both of those situation will led u to become the most pathetic person on earth.. 
actually who's in that situation?
it was ME! ME! and ME!
benci benci dan benci

at this point of time, i was so envy with those who had chance to travel all around the world using their own money..huh, pathetic sungguh aku ni..and penyesalan yang tidak berkesudahan mula merasuk2 diri yang tak keruan sejak bergelar jobless ni..i need job right now, to make me sane back..dah berpuluh2 resume aku hantar but maybe belum rezeki aku. i have to wait and wait till the day came. lepas solat memang tak putus2 doa supaya dpt jadi lecturer, my only one ambition..i had lots of plan in my mind after i get a job (have my own house, car, go for holiday, bagi parents duit every month)..ini semua pasal tgk blog maria elena..seronak gila dapat tengok dia travel banyak tempat with her own money. 

post dia that grab my attention adalah saving tips ! i like on how she explain the right way to save your money and the formula she given.. it simple formula but yet it make me realize that this what i should do long time ago despite of spending too much on "miscellaneous" things! 

the formula is simple as these

divide your salary into 3:
  • responsibilities
  • savings and 
  • miscellaneous.

the percentage on how to divide is depends on our salary..either 50% to r/sibilities, 30% to savings and the remain 20% for miscellaneous or the other way around..

this make me realize yang selama ini i always spend my money using this formula:
  • responsibilities    :  30%
  • savings               :  none
  • miscellaneous.    : 70%
and my formula is totally crap. that's y i ended up being like this..penniless..

* credit to maria elena blog for her usefull tips!

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